Tim Says, ‘TURN IT UP!’ – Silent Night

Tim Says, “TURN IT UP!’ suggestions apply to this post from December 3rd –  December 16th.

It is a Hymn of Epic Status. Silent Night, written by Joseph Mohr with music from Franz Guber, is an Austrian Hymn written in 1818. Nearly 200 years later, it is one of the most popular Christmas Hymns of all-time. The song is just a simple message about the tranquility and peace that came through the birth of Jesus. This song has been song by voices from all over the music industry from Mariah Carey to Beyonce, Kelly Clarkston to Bing Crosby, Matthew West to Chris Tomlin. Here is one rendition from the Winans Family, the video is older and gets fuzzy at a few points, but the vocals stay strong.

With so many different renditions out there, for this TURN IT UP post, anytime you hear any version, go ahead and let us know on facebook or twitter by using the hashtag #TimSayTURNITUP . Be sure to mention what station you were listening too as well. Thanks – Timothy


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