‘Baby Boy’ from For King And Country

It is always nice to hear a new song, but especially when it is a new Christmas song that is seeking to gain airtime. After all, there is only so many times we want to hear Silent Night. Well, while I was driving to work one day this week, I heard a tune for the first time from a group I enjoy hearing from, For King & Country. As usual, the Smallbones put a unique spin on a strong message. Here is their song, ‘Baby Boy.’

This song about the birth of Christ is another take at reminding us that Jesus’ birth was a gift of incredible blessing from God. Jesus Christ’s life has been a source of hope, joy and salvation. The song reminds us that before Christ was born, God’s people regularly called out for all these things from the Lord, and how did He respond? With JESUS!

How did Jesus fulfill these pleas? Jesus, brought hope for the oppressed by showing that He would conquer the force that has oppressed mankind almost since it’s creation, SIN. He brought Joy since his life would teach us to share His love to others through out history. This is just scratching the surface.

I hope you enjoyed the new tune, and will take to heart today the reminder that Jesus was a gift, which came as a baby boy. – Timothy



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