Coping with Monday – Rend Collective

Hello Monday…Could you come back…. Never? Thanks!

What’s that, you agree with my sentiments? I thought you would. Mondays are just so hard. You have to get back to the 5 day grind that precedes the weekend. You have to readjust to your work environment, catch up with the 6 trillion emails you got over the weekend, or if you are a stay at home parent, your tag team partner just left you for the week again. Mondays can just get LOST!

Well, if you will click on the video below, I think it will make your Monday just a wee-little bit better.

Yes, it’s true, God can build his Kingdom on a … MONDAY. Let’s examine this song for a moment. ‘Build Your Kindgom Here,’ from Rend Collective has several elements within the music that can help us get through the roughest day of the work week.

  1. There is energy to boost our spirits. You may want to grab a few more upbeat tracks to keep the energy pumping until the coffee kicks in. (Mountain Dew for college students facing finals.)
  2. ‘Seek God’s Kingdom First.’ The obvious message from the song you just played can really be taken to heart on a Monday. Don’t focus on the dread of a work week, or the 10,000 ways your kids will wear you out today.  Here is the better thought: ‘Whatever you do, in word or in deed, do it all in the name of Jesus.’ Colossians 3:17. All that you do today can build the kingdom!
  3. Pray! Every chorus of the song reminds us that we need to be praying for God to build his kingdom around us. Naturally, the more God is active in our lives, the less worn we will be by life.

So, while Monday may be your mortal enemy, embrace God’s plan for your kingdom activity today. Oh, and be sure to help others do the same! – Timothy


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