Agnus Dei – A Christmas Cantata Featuring the Music of Michael W. Smith

Agnus DeiFive years ago, Caroline and I had the joy of performing a Christmas program while members of Lyons First Baptist Church in Lyons, Georgia. Agnus Dei is a program that is about an hour long and features the music of Michael W. Smith. This program was a real joy to perform, and five years later, it is still our favorite Christmas CD to listen to, and the only one we will play outside of the Christmas season.

Agnus Dei, meaning ‘Lamb of God,’ in Latin, features a variety of fun music and several strong, theologically sound monologues. It incorporates a good bit of scripture in both the songs and the spoken parts. Michael mixes in some new material and remixes of classic hymns into the work as well, making one altogether enjoyable collection of songs if nothing else. The purpose of this cantata is to allow the listener to embrace the scriptural foundations of Christmas, and embrace the joy and awe that came through the birth of Christ.

The Cantata was released in 2002, and I would recommend paying to buy the choir listening version of the project. Take this blogger’s word for it, you will listen to it for years to come, I promise. – Timothy



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