Saturday Night Call to Worship : ‘Trust In You’ from Lauren Daigle

I think it is safe to say Lauren Daigle has established herself as a top of the line artist, and one of the best ladies to join the ranks in the CCM world since a Big Apple native named Francesca cemented her name in the business back in 2009. Lauren’s album, ‘How Can It Be,’ is loaded with numerous great tunes, and ‘Trust In You’ is one of the best. When you start with a message the church needs to hear, add some quality music, and top it off with a fresh, rarely heard alto voice, great songs just seem to happen.

‘Trust In You,’ has a chorus that will help prepare anyone for worship.

“When You don’t move the Mountains, I’m needing You to move; When You don’t part the waters, I’m wish I could walk through; When You don’t give the answers, as I cry out to You; I will trust in You.”

It is a well know fact that 99% of the time, we arrive at a worship service in need of God to work in our lives, and having some of our prayer concerns seeming left on hold. We know this is common, but what is also common is the notion that we can expect God to answer when we want it, rather than when He has ordained. Lauren’s answer to this should be our own, “Trust in (Him).”

My family has embraced this song through a trying weekend I hope it will bless you as well. – Timothy



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