Christian Music History Lesson: This week in 2008

billboard logoOn December 10th, 2008, Billboards Hot Christian Songs chart had a collection of tunes from TobyMac, Jeremy Camp, MercyMe, Tenth Avenue North, and Brandon Heath in the top 5 slots. However, one of these artists was enjoying a career moment in what ended as a 19 week reign in the top slot, one of the top 10 reigns of any song on this chart since its creation in 2003. The song was ‘Give Me Your Eyes,’ from Brandon Heath.

You may be able to sing the chorus without watching the video. ‘Give Me Your Eyes,’ is the first track on Brandon Heath’s album, What If We. The album was released in August of 2008.

‘Give Me Your Eyes,’ is a song about the phenomena that is Christian Living without Christian feeling. Brandon describes living in a city where there are numerous ways to impact the lives around him, but not even having the eyes to see the presence of these needs. Before the chorus he asks the question, “Why have I never cared?” He’s describing so many Christians in our country, and if we are not actively examining our own lives, it could be us too!

Brandon heath 2The chorus asks to see things as God sees them, and to have the ability to care for those in need as He would. How much of what we do as Christians would change if we lived as God expects us to live. I think Brandon Heath’s song is made a reality when we come to the point of salvation, knowing our need for forgiveness. The sad truth is that once we are past this point, many will lose sight of who God is and what our mission is. At least we have a chance to witness this moment in our lives when we are used to win souls.

I think this song was as successful as it was because it hits to the truth of our lives; we need to continually focus on living as Jesus would have us to. So, as the weekend arrives, look for ways to see the world as Jesus would see it. – Timothy


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