‘Psalm 13’ from Shane & Shane

Songs taken directly from scripture are wonderful things, and I am rather glad to find this song today. ‘Psalm 13‘ is track number five from Shane & Shane’s album, ‘Psalms’. Here is the Exact Text.

Psalm 13 begins as a very painful expression from David. Through verse 4, David is almost demanding an explanation from God for why he is treated as he is. He reminds God of how his sorrow is weighing down his soul to the point where he anticipates his death. He requests that God would open his eyes as to why he is allowing wicked men to triumph. These intense, personal feelings come to many of us as we live with Christ, and the reality is this is probably very normal of life.

However, the Psalm does not end at verse 4, and it David offers a confession of trust in the last two verses. Beyond that, he goes as far as to turn around and proclaim he will sing of the good that God has done. Let me tell you, when I am facing the wickedness and injustice I meet in my daily life, I do not dwell on the goodness of God, let alone shout and sing about it. However, we know David’s conclusion is right.

Listen to the song, and join me in praying that as we face our injustices and adversity, that we would sing of our good God. Particularly, I ask that you would pray for me, as this psalm has been very real in my life today and for what seems like a rather long time. Much Appreciation, Timothy.



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