‘Strange Way to Save the World’ from 4HIM

MeRrY cHrIsTmAs !!!

4HIM has always been one of my favorite Christian music groups. While they were wrapping up their performing days by the time I was really engaging Christian music, just about every song I’ve heard from the quartet has resonated with me. As you might expect, one of my favorite Christmas songs came from the gentleman as well.

As I’ve grown older, the song just speaks to me more. Jesus did not come so we can marvel at snow, turn our eyes to a gentle, generous, ageless sir, or gather around a green tree with lights and shiny glass balls. None of these things has anything to do with what the birth of Christ is about! Jesus came to save the world, and more precisely, He came to save every generation of creation!

‘Strange Way to Save The World,’ highlights the fact that throughout history, this remains one of the most peculiar stories of all time. The all powerful God, who is the creator of the universe, has decided He will act. The world He made has turned on Him, and His solution is nothing more than ridiculous in our eyes. He is all powerful, He could just execute anyone who acts evil in anyway. He could show Himself to the world, and demand they make a choice to be obedient or not. If He did want to assume our form, He could come as an adult and flex all of His power before our eyes. With all of the these magnificent options, he comes as a human baby, born to your average carpenter and his young, still virgin, wife.

4HIM highlights the all important theological question in their song, ‘Why?’ Why would God do this to save the world? We have the new testament to explain His reasoning, but today we focus on the beginning of this story and the most important life to ever live. While you may not mind all the distracting, unrelated themes and decorations, be sure to remember what we commemorate today, the arrival of a Savior! Share His story today! – Timothy

(This song can be found on 4HIM’s album, ‘Christmas The Season of Love,’ as the final track.)


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