Album Review: ‘Land’ from Tree63

Released: September 11th, 2015 / Total Tracks: 12 / My Favorite Song: Blood Flows  / Already on the Radio: None / My Radio Picks: Standing On It, Blood Flows / YHHS Album Rating:  2.9 Stars

tree63 1If you recognize the name Tree63, it is most likely because their rendition of Matt Redman’s ‘Blessed Be Your Name, is still played on radios across the US just about everyday. I first heard of the South African band in 2005 when they led worship for a BSU spring conference in Chattanooga, TN. When I returned to the college campus, I had three of their albums in tow,  and spent the next several months enjoying them just about everyday.

Land is Tree63’s first album since 2007, and I for one am glad the gents are back at it. The album is a solid project that my wife and I have both found refreshing and different. The first track is the upbeat song, ‘Alive.’ This song sings about the restoration and revival God brings as He takes control of our life. Next up is the tune, ‘The Storm.’ This song would not be my choice for the second track because it is one of the least memorable of the tracks, but it is a decent musical piece. Then comes the song, ‘A Whisper,’ which is one of the tunes I liked more. This song describes the ways in which God speaks to us, and how it is never quite as we would expect. While He may not speak as we ‘Wanted’, He does speak as it is ‘Needed.’

The fourth slot is held by the tune, ‘Standing On It.’ In my opinion this is the first 4 star song on the CD. This song is about how often we spend our lives seeking out our versions of a promised land. When we begin to be honest with ourselves, and we open our eyes, we can often find God has placed us right where we really want to be. I think this is a great message on contentment, and a great song.

Land_by_Tree63The next trio respectively are the tracks ‘Ship,’ ‘Every Reason,’ and ‘Stumbling Stone.’ None of them really caught my attention, but I did find the message of ‘Every Reason’ to be the strongest of the three. The tenth song on the playlist is the song, ‘Blood Flows.’ I really liked this song from the start, and it is the second of two 4 star tracks on the album. The song speaks about how our lives are now to be lived as though Christ’s blood now flows in our veins. I like how this song makes a personal connection to our living and the sacrifice of Christ.

The last two songs are #11 ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told,’ and #12 ‘Never Had a Winter.’ I enjoyed both songs, but they did not catch my attention either. ‘Never Had a Winter’ references the points in our lives when our relationship with God may seem cold, but the truth is that even in these seasons God is there with us. This is a very warming thought.

All in all, I enjoyed the album, but I was really hoping for one more awesome song. The quality of the music and lyrics are right where you expect a veteran group of performers to be. With that said, I give the album a 2.9, which means it’s not quite what I would would expect from a former CCM mainstay, but it is still pretty good.  Nonetheless, I am glad to have another Tree63 project in my collection – Timothy



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