‘Untitled Hymn’ from Chris Rice

The ‘Untitled Hymn,’  was on the 2003 release ‘Run the Earth, Watch the Sky,’ from Chris Rice. The music is beautiful, the words are inspiring and the message is empowering. While many of us could agree that it was overplayed when it made its way to Christian radio, this is a song that we should be wise to listen to every now and again. Each verse takes us through a step of our lives with the Lord; from our call out of rebellion, to our entrance into heaven. After each verse, Chris simply reminds us to add Jesus into the moment. This thought is worth consideration anytime. How could we make our life different if we added Jesus into the moment? If you know the tune here are a few examples:

The Job Verse:

Working late this evening? The boss could not care less. Serve as one who strives for Righteousness. / Work for Jesus, Work for Jesus, Work for Jesus and live.

The Parenting Verse:

Just fixed a cup of coffee, Won’t drink it till it’s cold, Treasure your dears while they are your’s to hold. / Love for Jesus, Love for Jesus, Love for Jesus and Live.

The Lonely Verse:

Dinner time this evening?  Another meal alone? Just want a friend that you can call your own? / Cling to Jesus, Cling to Jesus, Cling to Jesus and Live

The Worried Verse:

The Doctor’s on your cell phone, your test results are in, another round of treatments will soon begin. / Hide in Jesus, Hide in Jesus, Hide in Jesus and Live.

Sure these warm thoughts are easier said than done, but these thoughts also turn our eyes to the one who is Lord of the impossible. Join me in striving to add more Jesus into your life each day. – Timothy


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