Christian Music History Lesson: This Week in 2009!

billboard logoThis week, seven years ago, a fairly new artist to the charts was holding the top slot over several CCM mainstays. In the second chair, Jeremy Camp’s, ‘There will be a Day,’ was knocking on the door soon to claim the top spot on Billboards Hot Christian Songs list. The third slot was held by the gents from Tenth Avenue North and their song, ‘By Your Side.’ Following in fourth place was TobyMac and company singing, ‘Lose My Soul.’ Then, completing the top five was the Passion King, Chris Tomlin, and his song, ‘Jesus Messiah.’ Who was artist who bested all these performers on the January 10th, edition of Billboards Hot Christian Song list?

In case you missed it or do not recognize the song, this is ‘Give Me Your Eyes,’ by Brandon Heath. This song enjoyed a great deal of success, as it held the top slot for 14 consecutive weeks and a total of 19 week before finally succumbing to this week’s number two track. This would make it tied for fourth in the history of the Hot Christian Songs list. The song has had the best chart of any Brandon Heath song since, as well.

Brandon heath 2The song has a nice pace, great music, and very meaningful lyrics, so it is not a surprise it did so well. God’s people are called to minister to the world as Christ would have. This is rather hard to do when we are not seeing the world as He would have. So, Brandon sings about this struggle and is essentially praying that God would intervene and train him to understand the world as God does. This message is relevant to any Christian, particularly as the world seems to drift further away from God all the time.

‘Give Me Your Eyes,’ from Brandon Heath, is the first track on the 2008 album, What If We. Why not join me in taking a look back in time at some of the other great songs he brought to us on that album. Happy Listening! – Timothy


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