Saturday Night Call to Worship: ‘You Are Holy’ from Michael W. Smith

Michael W. Smith has authored several great praise and worship songs, and this song, ‘You Are Holy,’ was the eleventh song from his 2002 album, Worship Again. ‘You Are Holy,’ is a praise anthem, and a rather fun one to sing. The words of the verse are a confession of who God is; holy, worthy, mighty, and they are followed by a pledge of allegiance. When you get to the chorus, the song splits into a men’s part and women’s part. While the men continue the speak of their commitment to God, the women begin unpacking all of the identities and characteristics of God. The chorus finishes with one final commitment, ‘You are my Prince of Peace, and I will live my life for you.’ All in all, a simple song, but a very powerful one in my book, and it receives a 5 star rating from me.

If you have never been a part of a worship service where this song has been sung, replay the video and join in. I bet you will have a fresh breath from the Holy Spirit by the time you are through. Enjoy your worship time tomorrow. – Timothy

PS. Thank you to iamblessed4ever from IMVU for reintroducing this song to me!


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