Tim Says, ‘TURN IT UP’ : Cast My Cares from Finding Favour

Turn it UpTim Says, “TURN IT UP!’ suggestions apply to this post from January 14th – February 4th!

The band Finding Favour, is relatively new to the national Christian Music scene. ‘Cast my Cares’ may be the only song you recognize from the band, but they have had a few radio releases prior. ‘Cast My Cares,’ is the Third song from Finding Favour’s album, Reborn, and it has reached as high as 10th on Billboard’s Christian Airplay chart.

Anyone familiar with the gospels will be able to tell that this song has a direct connection to Matthew 11 and Jesus’ instructions for us to come to him with our burdens. We also find this concept in Psalm 55:22, reminding us that God will sustain His people as we give our cares to Him. This song is a reminder that God is always ready to lighten our load as we turn to Him.

Bluefield College will have the pleasure of these gentlemen headlining our Winter Blast event this weekend, so this TURN IT UP nod is my way of welcoming the band to town. Be sure you have your ears ready, and let everyone know you want the music turned up when this song comes on. – Timothy


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