‘Worn’ from Tenth Avenue North

While you may be looking forward to enjoying the third day of a long weekend thanks to Martin Luther King Day, I would not be the least bit surprised if some one readers are exhausted already. There are seasons when we are just getting attacked from all sides and we feel as though we are on the brink of defeat. I am very glad that the gentlemen from Tenth Avenue North decided to write a song about such times.

This song, ‘Worn,’ is the third track of the 2012 album, The Struggle. For regular listeners of contemporary Christian music, you are probably very familiar with this song. The words are a very genuine expression of exhaustion. While proclaiming to be worn, the chorus asks to know that our lives still have value in the hands of God. From the plea for heaven to come and flood our eyes, you find an understanding that in these season, all we want are showers of blessing. These thoughts are just what a weary soul needs.

So, while you may be tired and worn out even before the week begins, I want to join you in trusting that God is not done with you, and that a new season of joy will come one day! – Timothy


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