‘Free From It All’ by Lecrae

‘Free From It All’ has a great sound track to it, and a clear, subtle message. Lecrae sings about how we often all have to live a life that does not really match who we are. The world has expectations on us, and it is easy to want to do as we are told to meet their expectations. However, we do not need to live empty, controlled lives. We, as Christians, do not have to live a fake life to please those around us. We have a clear calling, and that is to live as Christ would.

I really appreciate how Lecrae’s track left me thinking.  I think he intentionally left out an explanation as to why he is free from all this pressure. Someone who is new to Lecrae’s music, knowing that he is a Christians may start to ponder what Lecrae is talking about.

Perhaps you can use this tune to get someone around you asking the same questions. – Timothy

‘Free From It All,’ is the fourth track from Lecrae’s album, Gravity


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