Artist on the Horizon – Natalie Kendel

From the country that gave Christian Music Graham Kendrick and Matt Redman, I introduce to you……Natalie Kendel!


I am always interested in seeing more ladies taking on the challenge of becoming household names within the Christian music world. There have been nights when I would listen to the radio for a few hours and only hear two or three female artists. So, when I stumbled across Natalie’s Blog last month, I was very excited to find her music. So before we get too far into the post, I will say that I hope Natalie is able to lay a solid foundation in the years to come.

This video is a short bit from her latest project, [Known]. Her bandcamp descriptor suggests that she is aiming for an 80’s style sound, and my coworker/fellow blogger agreed that she has been successful in this endeavor. At this time I will say that I am not very well versed in the 80’s sound, so my impressions come from a modern frame of mind.

Natalie Kendel 2Natalie has a good voice, and if you are more musically trained you will notice she has a nice range as well. Her lyrics can be deep and generally creative, and they are a credit to the Christian music of today. Both of these skills made me more than willing to add her music to my collection. As a bonus note, she has a few instrumental pieces included on her latest collection as well.

One detail you will notice as you listen to [Known], (Listen or PURCHASE @ bandcamp), is that her sound seems as though her voice is echoed at times. I believe this is in keeping with the 80’s style, but I feel it distracts away from the quality of her voice. It may be something to consider as she produces future projects. You will also notice that the song length gets very stretched at times. Regular readers will note that this is a common caution I address with rising artists. I do have to give Natalie credit in that her longer songs have been some of her best, and that it is not easy to keep someone listening to a longer track. I think this is particularly true of her song, ‘Unknown God,’ but you have to be looking to hear the message she is sharing. This would not engage a listener who is just sampling music on the fly.

Natalie KendelNatalie’s ability is clear, and I am eager to see how her ability to write deeper songs manifests in future work. The depth she brings is needed in modern music. She also has a genuine musical quality that will naturally progress through experience, so we win there as well. To stay in the know about her work, you can follow her latest news through her Facebook pages: Music Page / Profile Page

Natalie, thanks for the some great music, and I look forward to what is to come. – Timothy


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