Christian Music History Lesson: This week in 2011!

billboard logoFive years ago, I was just beginning the process of becoming the pastor of Beulah Baptist Church, and God was bringing so much to my life, causing my flame of faith to burn rather brightly. As I was writing emails and generating reports for Brewton-Parker, I was just beginning to immerse my working hours with Christian radio. (Want Proof?) Some of the names in the top five on the Hot Christian Songs list I would have recognized, but there were two who were brand new names to me; The Afters and Chris August.

#3 ‘Light Up the Skies’ from The Afters

‘Light up the Skies’ is the lead and title track from The After’s 2010 album by the same name. The message is pretty straight forward. God has created a world that proves his presence to whose who are willing to look around. Psalm 19:1 reminds us that, ‘The heavens declare the glory of God.” When we feel alone and broken, The Afters encourage in this song to look up to God, and see his handy work. Trust that you are not alone.

#5 ‘Starry Night’ from Chris August

This song comes from Chris’ album, No Far Away, serving as the album’s third track. Interesting, Chris’ song is heaven focused, but instead of focusing on how we can embrace God’s comfort, he speaks of the commitment we can offer this amazing, creative God. After all, the maker of the stars would have to be quite powerful, so why not trust him to be able to make something great out of your life.

Both artists have brought more great songs to our ears in the last five years, so I am glad that these two names were not just one hit wonders. Enjoy the songs. – Timothy


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