Christian Music History Lesson: Gospel Top 5 This Week 2006!

As I am still educating myself on what makes good gospel music and where artists are today, I figured you could join me in a look back into Gospel Music history. Here are Billboards top 5 songs from their Hot Gospel Songs chart on February 18th, 2006.

#1 Kirk Franklin with ‘Looking for You’

This track from Kirk’s 2005 album, Hero. The song carries an upbeat sound, with an almost 80’s style of music coupled with a standard gospel choir. The message is simple, we as mankind live empty lives that should naturally seek God, and life seems a good bit better once we have found God.

#2 Cece Winans with ‘Pray’

This is a tune I had heard before. ‘Pray’ is from the 2005 album, Purified. Fast paced again, this song reminds us to pray and seek God as we try to have our needs met.

#3 Jeff Majors and Kelly Price with ‘God’s Gift’

God’s made each one of as a gift to each other. ‘God’s Gift,’ reminds us that we all have a purpose, and that God wants us to minister to each other as we serve the Lord. ‘God’s Gift’ comes from Jeff Major’s album, Sacred Chapter 6.

#4 Dottie Peoples with ‘He Said It’

This song is a more traditional Gospel song, and Dottie is out to remind us that God’s word is powerful. If Jesus speaks, it is done. This song, ‘He Said It,’is the fifth track on her ‘Live in Memphis album.

#5 Yolanda Adams with ‘Victory’

Yolanda uses her powerful voice to proclaim the fact that God is the one who brings us victory in our lives. The album, ‘Day by Day,’ employed this song as it’s number one track.

I hope you will give each song a try today, as they all have a message you may find as a blessing. – Timothy


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