Artist of the Horizon: Wayne Stoddart

“Now that sounds different!” said by YOU after listening to this rising artist, Wayne Stoddart.

Wayne Stoddart 2I’m sure you’ve heard artists from all sorts of genre’s compose Christian music, from gospel to rap, to just good old classic rock. But what about Reggae? My answer was no until last month. If you were like me, you will be able to answer yes in just a moment. From the land of Grapefruit League baseball, I ask you to give a listen to Wayne Stoddart of Tampa, Florida. Reggae may not be your style, but Wayne offers a great sound that could easily start building a nation wide following.

Obviously, Wayne’s work provides a contrasting sound compared to both Contemporary Christian Music and most Gospel Music. Feel free to hop over to his bandcamp page and hear a bit more of what I mean. His sound is rich and well developed, which again leads me to believe he could mount some national attention with some time. His songs offer some nice thoughts, and for a rising artist, much like Natalie Kendel, he has a strong body of work as far as volume of songs. His lyrics have clear, direct messages. However, the best thing about Wayne is his fairly unique sound.

10592665_736364826404967_1037233898027603738_nWhen you look at the playlist of his new album, ‘It is Written,’ (Buy on bandcamp / Sonicbids / ReverbNation / Artist Website ) the songs are all reasonable in length. Wayne has been performing for close to 20 years, and this album shows the growth I am always reminding readers of. An artist learns in time to keep tracks to fair length to keep a listeners attention and to not over play a message. There are exceptions to this rule, sure, but think about all of your favorite songs, and I bet most of them are 4m30s or shorter. When you are seeking to get radio play, shorter songs allow a station to play more music, so it just fits with the industry.

Readers will remember that when I introduced Jalen Thomas, one of my concerns was how unique the sound is. I think the same would be true for Wayne and his work. Building an audience is tougher when the sound is not what they are used to hearing. However, in Wayne’s case, he could fit in the fringe side of Gospel music. There may also be a bit more room for improvement in terms of production. There are some tracks where the lyrics are not as clear as they could be whether through his lead or the backup singers. With his unique sound, if his messages are coming across loud and clear, which they typically do, it can help overcome the style shock some listeners will no doubt have.

As I am not a Reggae expert, there is not too much more I can say other than I enjoy sharing his music with students at Bluefield College, or my coworkers. I have not been met with a negative response yet. I am confident that Wayne has a sound that should be getting attention. So, to help in that effort, be sure you get connected with his work through one of his social media accounts. (Facebook / twitter / instagram)

Thanks for dropping in! – Timothy



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