‘The Mission’ from Newsboys

Still with lead singer, Peter Furler, ‘The Mission’ is the fourth track from the Newsboys’ 2006 album, Go. As one might guess, several songs on this album have an emphasis on the mission of the church that Jesus gave us in the great commission.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” Matthew 28:19 ESV

Upbeat songs serve this calling well, as often time the task of evangelism is accompanied by fear and reservation rather than excitement and the expectations of fulfillment. The task we were given by Christ has not changed, and this song brings this calling to mind with joy and it also makes the case that those who fulfill this mission are connected with the apostles and the christian champions of history. The task before us is the same task that was given to the Apostle Peter, explained by the Apostle Paul, and take all over the globe by the likes of Mother Teresa and Jim Elliott. If you claim Christ as Lord, this mission is for you too.

So as the song says, ‘run with fire and lift his name higher.’ The story of the Gospel has higher heights to reach and that task was given to you and me. Let’s get back to that mission. – Timothy


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