Artist(s) on the Horizon: ‘Come to Save,’ Breaking Free’s Debut Single

Introducing Breaking Free!

Breaking Free 2No, that was not Kutless performing with a new name. Breaking Free hails from Paragould, Arkansas, but the quality of their sound leads me to believe that they will be spending large portions of their time touring the country if not the globe. Normally I would wait to hear a full album before sharing an up and coming artist’s work, but the band is gearing up for their first concert tour this spring, and if you have a chance to attend one of their performances, you might be able to be an early witness of the band’s rise to the national scene.

Breaking Free has already opened for some household names like Josh Wilson and Rhett Walker. The band currently has at least nine performance dates set through mid June according to their facebook page. Their debut album is set to be released this May, and I will be sure to be prepare a review of the entire work once it arrives. Thanks to their wordpress blog, I found the group early, and now you can join me as we await another new sound to share together! 

Thanks for the visit, and be sure to give their song a listen today! – Timothy


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