Not on the Radio: Moved By Mercy from Matthew West

Matthew West has been performing across the county for nearly 20 years, and anyone who listens to Christian radio would be more familiar with his songs, ‘Hello My Name Is,’ ‘More,’ or ‘Motions.’ However, this song has a great message that unless you are a devoted West follower, you may not have heard it at all. ‘Moved By Mercy,’ is a song that speaks about those who continually fall into sin’s traps. Sometimes, sin is a snare that has a very firm grip on us, and the only way to get away is to be completely removed. This is the role that Jesus is glad to fill in our lives. Upbeat and performed with some help from a woman named, Caitlin Evanson, this track would easily hit the 5 star mark in my eyes.

If you need help breaking free from your struggles, turn to Jesus and ask him to remove you from the struggles you are facing. – Timothy

‘Moved By Mercy,’ is the fifth track on Matthew West’s 2012 album, Into the Light.


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