Coping with Monday: ‘While I’m Waiting’ from John Waller

Monday is the day where we begin our eager anticipation for another weekend. However, we have to wait. After all Saturday is still a whole five days away. ‘While I’m Waiting,’ is probably a very familiar song to those who keep up with Christian music. John Waller gives us a simple song to remind us that as we wait, sometime in painful fear or hopeless doubt, we have the choice to turn around and worship God.

As I started listening to this song, another reality struck me as well. We have the choice to KEEP worshiping while we wait for another Sunday to worship. Worshiping God comes in many forms, from prayer, to bible reading, to just slowing down the day enough to think about what God wants us to do in the situations we are brought to.

So, if Monday is shaping up to be a hard day already, stop for just a bit, turn on one of your favorite worship tracks and just focus on God. I have a feeling your Monday will get better. – Timothy

‘While I’m Waiting’ is the third track on John Waller’s 2009 album by the same name.


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