Tim says, ‘TURN IT UP!’ – ‘Move’ from TobyMac

Turn it UpTim Says, “TURN IT UP!’  suggestions apply to this post from March 10th – March 31st!

‘Move’ is the 7th track on TobyMac’s latest album, This is Not a Test. I reviewed Toby’s album as one of my first posts when I returned to blogging back in August, and I am thrilled that ‘Move’ has finally been released to the radio. ‘Move’ is a power anthem reminding us that we have the choice to keep our heads up when we are weary and worn out. This song’s pace is great, and seeks to build energy for the one who struggles to ‘keep walkin’.

‘Move’ is the third song from This is Not a Test to be released to the radio, making its’ debut on the airways on February 1st of this year. In the six weeks since it’s release it has already made it into the top 20 songs on Billboard Christian Air Play chart. Personally, ‘Move’ was song that gave me great strength and hope this fall as I dealt with some personal struggles. I hope the song is like a cup of coffee to your soul every time it comes on the radio, and so please, ‘TURN IT UP!’ – Timothy


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