Christian Music History Lesson: WOW Hits turns 20!

wow 20thThe Newest WOW Hits collection to be released March 18th!

Several months back, I spoke posted about the impact WOW hits has had on the Christian music industry. Now twenty years later, with the WOW Hits legacy going strong, the label is about to release a 20th Anniversary collection with 30 hits from the past 20 years. The play list includes a number of older names like Steven Curtis Chapman, Audio Adrenaline, and Casting Crowns and younger acts like Mandisa and Needtobreathe. All great musicians of the current era of Christian music.

When I saw this album release coming back, it took me back to my earliest days of listening to Contemporary Christian Music. My brother Robert had taken a liking to Geoff Moore and The Distance, who had a song on the original WOW Hits release in 1996. So I browsed over to Amazon, and bought a copy of their album Evolution to relive my younger years for a bit. While I was not a fan of the song ‘Homerun’ from the WOW 1996 collection, I did enjoy ‘Life Together.’ ‘Life Together,’ is a classic example of a Geoff Moore song. He used images from life to relate heavenly principles. So enjoy a little Geoff Moore with me as we look forward to this great WOW Hits release next week. – Timothy




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