‘Thou O’ Lord’ as sung by Prestonwood Choir

Just in case you did not get enough choir music at church this morning, why not click the video and take a listen to one more number?

This song, ‘Thou Oh Lord,’ is a direct rendering of the first 5 verses of Psalm 3, which your Bible may note as a Psalm written by David as he fled from his son, Absolam. David opens the psalm observing that he’s got a TON of problems. His son wants him dead and he has allowed his household to fall into ruin. Now running for his life, David does not have many comforters around him. So, David approaches the Lord with this psalm, asking God for protection, hope, and salvation.

For you and me, life has a way of making us feel trapped and doomed as well. As we arrive to worship any given Sunday, we may be facing any number of problems; financial crisis, marital stress, battles with addictive sins, family squabbles, professional uncertainty, or just a cup of faith that is all but empty. Psalm 3, and therefore this song, gives us a reminder of where our focus should be, on the Lord, who can forgive our sins and mend the broken mess we made of our lives and those around us. When God is in our midst, repairing the damage we’ve done, we have His protection, and we may even witness Him restore relationships with the very people who we think are out to get us.

I’ve had a good bit of despair in my life these last few weeks as I face different struggles in my life, and this song has brought some renewed focus to me as well. David was not a perfect man, but he did one thing right in the end most times; he turned to God for forgiveness and restoration. After all, God can’t really lift us out of our hardships unless we’re ready to commit not to going right back to them after He’s patched things up.

I hope you will enjoy the song, and if you need your head lifted, turn to God and get right with him. Thanks for stopping in! – Timothy


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