P.O.G. by Erica Campbell

What good is a power you don’t believe is real?

Hold on, before you keep reading, be sure you’ve listened to the song. Erica Campbell, a gospel artist, provided this fun praise anthem on her album Help 2.0. ‘P.O.G.’ is a song of recognition that the power of God is ‘strong and real.’ Whether we are observing the struggles of our world, or we are thinking through our personal battles, the power of God remains able to change our lives. God hand at work is truly a marvelous thing, and many of my readers can attest to this as personally true.

Now, enjoying the thoughts of ‘P.O.G’. does not mean we are at the point that we are truly embracing what the song claims. The power of God is an amazing thing. Once we witness it at work, the logical thing would be to believe it’s power and wait expectantly for God to do His next amazing feat. I appreciate the pace of this tune, because the energy brings home the idea that we need to walk with this power behind us. If we don’t, are we sure we’re getting everything our Christian life can give us? 

So, get out there, embrace your day, and look for the power of God in you life. Thanks for the visit – Timothy

P.O.G. the remix can be found on Erica Campbell’s Help 2.0 album, which was released in 2015.

My Song Rating: 4 stars


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