Saturday Night Call to Worships: ‘We All Bow Down’ from Lenny LeBlanc

This song, ‘We All Bow Down,’ was written by a lesser known name, Lenny LeBlanc. He’s been performing for a long time now, and I am glad to have found his work recently while listening to a Christian Radio Station out of Bangladesh, India. (Link on Christian Music Around The Globe) When I heard the song, I knew I wanted to use it for a Saturday Night Call to Worship.

‘We all Bow Down,’ is a worship song with a very gentle, inviting pace. There is an obvious connection to Philippians 2:10 knowing that one day every person, regardless of classification, will bow in reverence to Jesus. Lenny doesn’t focus on the power of Christ that we will recognize at this moment, but rather how we who are God’s people should easily feel the love of Jesus in this moment. When we bow before Him, we will know that it was the love of Jesus alone that will allow us to accept eternal life with Him.

Lenny also sings the song with a present tense, meaning this is something you and I can do now, bow down in recognition of how Jesus’ love has changed our lives. As you look forward to your day of worship tomorrow, prepare your heart to bow in response to Jesus and His love for you. I pray God will bless your worship this evening and tomorrow morning. – Timothy.

We All Bow Down’ is the eleventh song from Lenny LeBlanc’s 2002 album, Our Desire.



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