‘I’m Not Alright’ by Sanctus Real

Does the fact that this song is 10 years old make it a classic? ‘I’m Not Alright,‘ is a great song holding down the lead spot on the 2006 album, Face Of Love from Sanctus Real. The rock sound may be a bit strong for some, but this tune is a timely companion to anyone dealing with guilt, sorrow, or repentance. While much of Christian Music these days focuses on the happy times in a Christian’s life, this song is more about the depths we can fall to. This is a message that Christians need just as much as the positive songs we typically get  from our CCM radio stations.

The pressure of Christian living comes with some pretty strong feelings at times. Maybe the happy face you maintain in front of others has been chipped enough to where it is about to break. Maybe you’ve recently been to the Lord with a sin, and you may look fine to those around you, but on the inside you are still in agony. ‘I’m Not Alright,’ allows you and me to know that this is a common battle for many Christians, and while we are not yet perfected, the times we are broken lead a Christian to move closer to God.

This song came along at the right time for me, and I pray that it will do just that for you too. – Timothy

‘I’m Not Alright,’ is the first track on Sanctus Real’s 2006 album, Face of Love.

My Song Rating: 4 stars


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