‘Good Fight’ from Unspoken

Contemporary Christian Music has generated  a number of great songs that could be anthems for the faithful. ‘Good Fight’ from Unspoken certainly would qualify as one of these modern anthem type tunes. In our generation, there are all sorts of things trying to pull us down and take away from what seems like a small reserve of energy for each days. However, in about three minutes, this song can perk you up and give you just a small reminder of the task at hand, living the life of a Christian.

Kicking off the song, the words tell us about the fight that is on going, a fight that often pins us down or zaps our strength. However, with all of the struggle, God is with us and fighting this fight with us. Remember, the Christian life is a life that strives for an eternal impact. We are saved by grace to serve the Lord and proclaim the good news as long as we are here on earth. So, the simple, on going marching orders you and I have are to Keep Fighting The Good Fight.

I’ll pray for you, you can pray for me, and we can keep up the fight! – Timothy

‘Good Fight’ is the third track on the 2014 album Unspoken from the band Unspoken.

YHHS Rating: 3 Stars


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