Saturday Night Call to Worship: ‘Father, Spirit, Jesus’ from Casting Crowns

I first heard a cover of this song in 2004 or 2005 during a Baptist Student Union fall conference in Jekyll Island, Georgia. This praise and worship song became an instant favorite of mine, because it is a call to give our praise to a God who brings us hope, joy, and life. ‘Father, Spirit, Jesus,’ from Casting Crowns proclaims the the power that works around our lives each and every day. Of course, God is worthy of such high energy praise, but the song call to mind that as we life, our praises we are praising Him for all He does as the Father, Son , and Holy Spirit.

This is one aspect of worship that we can forget sometimes; we are not just praising a one dimensional God who is beyond us. The Holy Spirit is looking to commune with us anytime we are looking to bring praise to God. It’s a wonderful thing because it is essentially God helping us bring Him our best praise and adoration. Even more so, since He is a God who lives among us every day, that makes Him that much more worthy of any praises we can bring.

LifesongAs you prepare for your time of fellowship tomorrow, be sure to think a little bit on the great, three-in-one God that we serve. I hope the song stirs some praises in your tonight too! – Timothy

‘Father, Spirit, Jesus’ is the 8th song on Casting Crowns’ 2005 album, Lifesong.

My song rating: 4 stars


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