Coping with Monday: ‘If God’ from Tree63

So, when the alarm went off this morning, you may have thought, ‘It’s Monday….Can we just skip to Tuesday.’ Yeah, so I might have had the same thought. We all have our various reasons for not looking forward to another week, so in that event, I have your back.

‘If God’ from Tree63 comes from that familiar passage from Romans 8. The gents from South Africa just put a catchy, different tune to the familiar notion. If God is for us, what can be against us? If God has a purpose for Monday Morning, than what could await at work to ruin your day? I have a bit more news for you, I know God has a purpose for your Monday morning if you woke up to read this blog. That would be the same purpose we have everyday, to share the gospel.

This song reminds us that if God is for us, nothing can come against us, and therefore, nothing can separate us from God’s love for us. What would change at the office if others had a similar connection with this great love? Could that person who makes you dread school use some of this love?

Land_by_Tree63Before you decide to dread another Monday, start the song, think on the words, and enjoy another refill from God through this fun tune. – Timothy

‘If God’ is the third tune on Land, the 2015 album from Tree63.

My Song Rating: 3 stars


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