Christian Music History Lesson: Gospel’s Best

Kirk FranklinHey Hey, slow down! This article is not about Kirk Franklin.

On May 18th, 2008, I was a recent graduate of Brewton-Parker College and I was enjoying my first post graduation job as an overnight security guard. (STOP LAUGHING PLEASE.) I had not yet begun branching out of my CCM shell, but that doesn’t mean history was not in the making on Billboard’s Hot Gospel Songs Chart. On this date in 2008, the king of Gospel Music was not Captain Kirk, but rather a gentleman by the name of Marvin Sapp. (I imagine gospel fans know who I am talking about.)

marvin sappThe song that had Marvin Sapp on top was called, ‘Never Would Have Made It,’ from this 2007 album, Thirsty. In mid-April of 2008, this song succeeded in bumping Kirk from the top seat after a back and forth battle, and would continue a reign as the number one Gospel song in the country for a total of 46 weeks! (Think CCM’s Oceans from Hillsong.) It wasn’t until mid August of 2008 when the song would permanently begin falling from a seat in the top 5 gospel songs in the nation, and as of today Marvin’s epic song still holds the title for most weeks in the number one slot.

‘Never Would Have Made It’ is a song with a parallel message, a tribute to both his earthly father and our heavenly father. The song was penned after the death of his father, and Marvin would tell you that God gave him the words almost directly. God came to him in his time of sorrow, and gave Marvin a peace through the trying time. In a time of personal response, Marvin just began singing the refrain in spontaneous praise. Not only had his father served as a personal influence on Marvin’s life, but God was assuring Marvin that as long He lives, God would be there to support him and stay with him.

It’s amazing what happens when God comforts us, huh? Enjoy the song and it’s role in Christian Music History. – Timothy.

‘Never Would Have Made It,’ is the twelfth tune on Marvin Sapp’s 2007 album, Thirsty.

My Song Rating: 5 Stars


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