A Twitter Response: ‘The Change’ from As We Are

As We AreAsk and Ye Shall Receive

Twitter is still new to me, but when a band asks you for your thoughts on a song, I believe the polite thing would be ….. TO BLOG ABOUT IT. (Okay, so maybe only if you already identify as a Blogger).

As of just before 7am on May 19th, a tweet came in from @AsWeAreRocks to set my sights on the new music video to their latest single, ‘The Change.’ While I am not going to venture into critiques on music videos, songs are my domain. However, before I usher my thoughts, you should give the song a listen too.

According to their Reverb page, the gents fashion themselves as a Rock Band, and the shoe clearly fits. The trio put on some solid music with great pace and quality sound. ‘The Change’ has solid, engaging lyrics, performed with a standard rock style. If you are not used to the pace of modern rock, you’ll need to take some time to hone in on what is being sung. This song makes the case for action, as opposed to living the standard close-minded way many do, even those who claim to be faithful. Naturally, those with a passion from on high will want to join with others of the same heart to bring about a change.

The message is presented in a way similar to Switchfoot, where there is a message that aligns with Christian thought, but it’s not being sung in Christianese. The song actually leaves room for thought, and there are times when those seeking just need a chance to think out what the Church is trying to say. So, in the meantime, the band As We Are wants to provide good, inspirational music with some food for thought and and reasons for hope.

I enjoyed the song and cycled it several times as I was writing. I always appreciate the groups that can bring a message that aligns with those of faith, but is something different than what we expect. Good Work Gents! – Timothy

My song rating: 3 Stars (Radio Worthy)


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