Saturday Night Call to Worship : ‘God Evermore’ from Aaron Shust

‘But you, O Lord, are enthroned forever; you are remembered throughout all generations.’ Psalm 102:12 ESV

A modern hymn is born, thank you Aaron Shust. This beautiful song breaks from the praise and worship style of modern artists, and presents God is simple but descriptive way. The first two verses share different identities of God, and then you have a third verse that describes his power. In between, you have a chorus that praises an everlasting God. Sometimes good praise does not require deep thought, but rather just a genuine heart that is ready to recognize all that God is.

‘God Evermore’ recognizes all these things, and celebrates that this will be our God eternally. This song is wonderful, and I sincerely believe this song should be on it’s way to the hymnals. However, this song can also be used in a here and now setting to praise God for who he is each and every day. After all, if God is evermore the wonderful counselor, then He is one for us today and tomorrow too.

As you prepare for your worship tomorrow, dwell on all the ways God is eternally worthy of praise. – Timothy

‘God Evermore’ is the lead track on Aaron Shust’s 2016 mini album, Ever Be.

Sweet Sweet Song Rating: 4 stars


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