Saturday Night Call to Worship : ‘Come Thou Fount’ by Robert Robinson

‘And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.’ Philippians 4:19 ESV

This hymn has been sung by God’s people for over 250 years! Written by Rev. Robert Robinson while a Methodist, this song is a tune of seeking God’s grace and blessing for our lives. The first verse seeks God’s abundant blessings to join us and cause our hearts to overflow with praise. The plea for blessings doesn’t stop there, as the song writer calls for protection, salvation, and a continued relationship with this God who blesses us so richly. This classic tune has connected with our hearts for so long because of the desire we all share to see God’s blessing on our lives. 

fount-cape-charlesHowever, tonight, you may listen to this tune with more than just a passing need for blessing, but rather a plea for hope and joy. After all, how many times have you entered a worship service so worn out from the week behind, and so intimidated by the week ahead, that the last thing you want to do is fall into the arms of a God who you cannot see and who you have not learned to hear? This hymn becomes hard to sing because this fount of blessings seems to have been sealed every time you come by. How can you prepare your heart to worship if your heart is broken?

This is when you and I must decide to live by faith and make the choice to join the Apostle Paul and find comfort in knowing that all is lost compared to knowing. In fact, the mistake we might make while singing this old hymn is to assume this fount of blessing will arrive as we lift our voices. However, the song just starts with an asking worshiper who wants more of God’s blessings. I would suggest it is just as worshipful to bring our broken hearts to the Lord and to daily seek His fellowship regardless of what we receive. You and I as Christians have hope knowing that if Jesus is who he claimed to be, then the joy we need is indeed on the way, even if we do not know when we will receive it.

Tonight as you prepare to join God’s people in worship tomorrow, tune your heart to praise the source of blessings, even if it seems like it has been a long time since you were filled by them. – Timothy

Come Thou Fount is the first track on Jadon Lavik’s 2008 album, Roots Run Deep.

Sweet Sweet Song Rating: 3 Stars





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