The Journey Begins : ‘Irrevocable’ from Tiona Campbell

 This was to fulfill the word that he had spoken: “Of those whom you gave me I have lost not one.” John 18:9 ESV

For those just rejoining us here at Sweet Sweet Sounds, you can now interact with this blog on twitter. It was through our Twitter feed I met Tiona Campbell, who is a fresh voice in the realm of Christian Music and who has just released her first single. Thank you Twitter!

new-artist-boxTiona and I have spoken just a bit about this journey, and how the idea of being a singer/songwriter never really crossed her mind until a personal moment with the Lord sprung a desire to write a song. Not sure about what would come next, Tiona stepped out in faith to join her church choir and find some voice lessons. The vocal instructor she would meet just so happened to teach song writing too. (Coincident? Not with God in the picture.)

A full year of seeking and obedience later, here she is with her first release, ‘Irrevocable.’ Tiona starts where every artist should and writes her first song as a personal testimony of her journey into this new chapter of life. In a Jeremiah 29:11 sort of way, Tiona enters this new chapter knowing that God has amazing plans in store. Nothing that we are worthy of, but just the same, if God is leading us we can consider this guidance as set in stone. Irrevocable.

The song itself features Tiona singing along with a solo piano, in what is a sweet and gentle piano ballad. ‘No matter what, no matter where’ we find ourselves, God’s plan is not going to be stalled. The chorus ends with a reminder that even when we slow God down with our doubts and fear, He is still there ready to make our life what He always wanted it to be. If you haven’t heard the song already, please give a listen to Irrevocable.

Hopefully we’ll hear more from Tiona soon. – Timothy

‘Irrevocable’ is the Debut Single from Tiona Campbell.



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