Tim Says, “TURN IT UP!” : ‘The God I Know’ from Love and the Outcome

Tim Says, “TURN IT UP!’  suggestions apply to this post from September 22nd through October 12th!

lto-new-album-coverEver since I first heard ‘King of My Heart,’ Love & The Outcome has been towards the top of my list in terms of favorite names in Christian Music. Their radio releases have always been up beat, fun, and easy to sing along with. Tomorrow, this Canadian duet is set to release their newest album, These Are The Days. However, while the complete album is still a few hours away from my music list, their first single, ‘The God I Know,‘ is very likely playing on a radio station near you.

‘The God I Know,’ single has already climbed into the Top 10 according to Billboards Hot Christian Songs Chart. This track aims at myth busting the common idea that Christianity is about a group of people who are unreal perfectionists with impossible rules to keep. However, this is not the extent of our faith, but rather that there is a personal God who comes along side you and I, and shows us how to live in the world. This God is not a story or too far to reach. He is present and intentionally loving. The invitation of this song is to come and get to know the God we Christians know!

So, since this song is both fun, and directly evangelical, I figured it would make a great song to blast from your radio or playlist over the next few weeks. Embrace the joy of ‘The God I Know,’ and maybe as you are playing loud and clear your co-worker too will want to know this God. If not, just have fun with a great song. – Timothy

‘The God I Know’ is the second track on the album These Are The Days, releasing Friday from Love & the Outcome. ‘The God I Know’ will also be a track on this year’s WOW Hits release.

Sweet Sweet Song Rating: 4 Stars




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