New Music: ‘These Are The Days,’ from Love & the Outcome

lto-new-album-cover‘These Are The Days’ from Love & The Outcome

Released: September 23rd, 2016 / Total Tracks: 13 / My Favorite Song: If I Don’t Have You / Already on the Radio:  The God I Know/ My Radio Picks: The God I Know, Ends of the Earth, If I Don’t Have You, Gates  / YHHS Album Rating:  3.2 out of 5 Stars

If you are like me, you have been eagerly waiting for this new album from Love & the Outcome since ‘He is With Us.’ LTO leaped into the top tiers of Contemporary Christian Music with their first radio release, and ‘These Are The Days’ has some more tracks that should continue that success. However, there is good and there is great, and I would say this is a good album. Although, while the complete album did not wow me, I did give my favorite song a complete 5 stars.

Timothy’s Top Five Songs

 Timothy’s Favorite: If I Don’t Have You (5 Stars): This is a song that grew on me after a few listens. Similar to ‘Good Life,’  which is the track just before this song,If I Don’t Have You’ has a testimonial style to it. However, this song brings a lot more depth. I appreciate the reflective lyrics, focusing on how we cannot impact the world with the gospel if we are not living with Christ. The church as a whole would benefit from thinking this song through and taking the words to heart. The change of pace from my other choices is nice too. (Track Number 6)

#2. The God I Know (4 Stars): ‘The God I Know’ is the song you know as you’ve been hearing it on the radio for a few months now. Love & the Outcome is at their best when they are getting you and I excited about singing along. I also really appreciate the evangelistic approach of this song which makes it climb above ‘Strangers’ in my book. This is also my latest choice to be TURNed UP! (Track Number 2) (Hint: When you play the Video…TURN IT UP!)

#3 Gates (4 Stars): ‘Gates’ has a good worship feel to it, and I think it connects well with the music it was set to. Just like all of their hits, there is a ‘sing with us’ feel to this tune. I also can personally say that I felt this song speaking to me on several occasions, offering encouragement and hope. I could even be convinced to flip this song with ‘The God I Know’ on this list, but songs with an evangelistic message speak highly to me. (Track Number 7)

#4. Ends of the Earth (4 Stars): This song is  one that has grown on me a little more after each play. ‘Ends of the Earth‘ is the tune that inspires us to follow God everywhere he leads. I like the music, and again, it fits in great with their catchy, get stuck in your mind strengths. So beware, some listeners may find themselves singing this song around their listening area. (Track Number 4)

#5. Strangers (3 Stars):Stangers’ has everything Love & The Outcome followers probably like the most about the Canadian Duet. This upbeat and catchy song is a lighthearted reminder that we as Christians are not home yet, and that as odd as we feel sometimes, this is to be expected. I might call it 4 stars if it did not precede ‘The God I Know’ in track order. (Track Number 1).


More Notes:

There are a few tracks that I think were not produced well,  such as  #3 Galaxies and #5 Good Life, and I feel like the album as a whole was hurt by them. The last two tracks are both good songs but are not specifically Christian. #12 Paradise is a sweet love song made sweeter in that it is performed by the happily married Jodi and Chris. I’m enjoying the new trend of CCM names writing love songs with their albums. Romance is a VERY Christian thing. #13 Seek&Find is a song for us parents to our children. We will be with them and we can guide them, but they will still need to find out much of life by looking for themselves.

All in all, I am very glad I now own Love & the Outcome’s second project. I suspect there is still plenty of great music to come from this duet. Thanks for reading! – Timothy

‘These Are The Days’ is now available for purchase and download, so be sure to support Love & The Outcome and find out what tracks you enjoy!


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