Pick 5 Fifth : Thursday, September 29th

I grew up as a Southern Baptist, and one thing that was common among SBC churches growing up and during my college years was a 5th Sunday Sing. On a 5th Sunday in the same month, the preacher would get the evening service off and the congregation would sing hymns together. In the spirit of my up bringing, since we’ve hit the 5th Thursday of the September, let’s have a good ol’ pick five list. Respond to the poll and tell me your favorite from the list! – Timothy

Bryan and Katie Torwalt – Worthy King from their album, Kingdom Come

A simple song of worship for an Eternally Worthy King. Enjoy a sound that is really rich and different. A great illustration of how praise does not have to be complicated.

Micah Stampley – Oh Give Thanks from his album Love Never Fails

Modern Gospel your thing? Get ready to hit the repeat button to celebrate God’s goodness along Micah and his choir!

Hannah Kerr – Undivided : Single, 2016

Wouldn’t if be awesome if this was the testimony of everyone who walked into a church calling themselves a Christian?

Richard Thomas – Let Your Light Shine Through Me, from his album Truth

Like some guitar driven modern rock? There is a Christian artist for that! Have we found the heir to Petra’s fan base?


Steven Curtis Chapman – Weak Days from his debut Album, First Hand

Need a Flashback choice? Believe it or not, but next year Steven Curtis Chapman will celebrate 30 years of praising the Lord and leading the church to do the same.


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