Saturday Night Call to Worship: ‘I Look To Jesus’ from Jordan St. Cyr

‘…Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith…’ Hebrews 12:1-2 ESV

Complete passage here.

I could easily remind your that you need to adjust your vision, ‘keep your eye on Jesus,’ and let you enjoy the music. However, there is a question that needs to be asked. How many times have you entered a worship experience in contrast to this song’s title, looking away from Jesus? I can testify that in my own life I have no hope of keeping count.

Right off the bat, we are met with the lyrics of brokenness.  ‘I Look to Jesus,’ describes a feeling of complete failure of our efforts and success, with all our ‘earthly thrones’ shattered. I am quiet sure you and I have experienced the days where we feel like all is lost and in truth we consider blaming God for it because we feel it is his job to bring triumph and joy to our lives. So naturally, if we enter church on a Sunday with these feelings, worship becomes difficult.

2013-04-30_17-18-53_534I want you to consider the beginnings of our faith for a moment. Try to look through the eyes of Jesus on the cross. If we were in Jesus place, we would be seething from pain and enduring the highest forms of hatred after healing the sick, forgiving sinners, and following God’s instructions to a ‘T’. I imagine you would agree with me that Jesus could have felt like all His work meant nothing as well while he hung on the cross.  I mean Satan and sin had just succeeded in putting God through death, which should not have happened due to the purity of Jesus. However, Jesus knew the rest of the story which is what this song is calling us to bare in mind.

The very foundation of Christianity relies on what God did through a situation that we would see as without hope. He turned death into salvation for anyone! So much for having ‘nowhere left to run.’ Jesus proved even death itself could not touch true righteousness. What’s better is that because Jesus suffered death unjustly, he won the right to claim anyone from Satan’s grasp, and all we must do is simply choose to live as He would have. Salvation is Marvelous, and I think meditating on this song helps to illustrate just that.

I want to encourage you tonight to consider how God turned even death itself into a source of hope. If this God can redeem death, can’t He redeem a life that you feel is falling to peices? Join me tonight in considering just what God is capable of, and perhaps you’ll enter your worship time tomorrow with a heart ready to admire such a powerful God! – Timothy!

‘I look to Jesus,’ is sung by Jordan St Cyr.


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