Great Radio Online: Upbeat and Uplifting 93.7 Anchorage, Alaska

Have you ever felt like your local Christian Music radio station is stuck in a rut? Me too!

But I have a solution!

Tune in to KAFC 93.7 streaming from Anchorage Alaska!

93-7-radioI have been listening to online streams from around North America this week to see what sort of music is playing outside of my local southwest Virginia surroundings. (Plus, if they play the TURNITUP tune, I’ll plug their station on twitter.) While I enjoyed the music played by CHVN 95.1 out of Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada, this KAFC 93.7 just amazed me! (Online Stream Available Here)

First of all, they got through an entire hour without one Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns, or Toby Mac song. We all know these names are great names, but there is so much great christian music here in the states and around the globe that will be a sweet sweet sound to your ears too! The first three songs of my listening session were from Family Force 5, Beckah Shae, and Nine Lashes. When was the last time KLOVE even mentioned these names?

Not only did they have an impressive depth in terms of the names of Christian music, but they generally kept to the latest songs of each artist, allowing them to play the great variety of songs. But this was not always the case as they also had a throwback track and played … 4Him. I have not heard 4Him on any radio station since I started this blog way back in 2010! 

All of these things made me happy about the variety, but they also towed the line of a modern station. WAFC played four of Billboard’s top 25 Hot Christian Songs in a span of 75 minutes. Along with that, they played more female artists in an hour than any station I’ve listened to in the last month. I think the only thing that would have made me admire this station any more would have been a Gospel or Christian Rap song thrown in the mix too!

If you need a change in pace from your redundant local Christian music radio station, I strongly recommend WAFC 93.7 Anchorage, Alaska!  – Timothy


One comment

  1. I often get frustrated with the lack of variety on my local station. I have counted five Casting Crowns songs in an hour. A more contemporary station I’ve been listening to recently is Air1. They play some rock, rap/pop, worship, and even a couple of DC Talk throwbacks!! :0 I will definitely check out this 93.7 too!

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