Saturday Night Call To Worship: ‘Revive Us, Oh Lord’ sung by Carman

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.‘ 1 John 1:9 (ESV)

One sign that we have a deficiency in our recognition of sin can be seen in a lack of evangelism and concern for the lost. In the above song, ‘Revive Us, Oh Lord,’ Carman sings the words as, ‘Lord, your fruit we’ve ceased to bear.’  It should be no surprise, but our worship and our ministry are connected, and both are given life when we are yielded to the Holy Spirit and we recognize our sinfulness.

Honest worship begins with some degree of recognition of our sinfulness. It is pretty hard to feel worshipful if you have no recognition of your sin because we are lacking a key reason for praising the Lord. There is no more essential component of praise then the acceptance of God’s ability to forgive sin. If God had no intentions to forgive sin, there would be a recognition of His power, but not of his mercy and justice. However, how many times have you and I entered a worship service with little to no care for our wickedness? Carman’s call for Revival in our ministry can have an equal role in assuring that you an I enter the worship service ready to give God the glory He is due.

confessionLet’s go a bit deeper. If we can confess that you and I have a personal lack in our recognition of sin, wouldn’t it stand to reason that the Church as a whole suffers when we cannot worship in honesty and truth? The church is made up of each believer. When half of the congregation enters apathetic in regards to sin and ministry, the remaining portion of the congregation loses strength from the encouragement we receive when we give God praise and glory in unison. Carman is right not to just seek revival in his personal worship, but in the worship of all who claim Jesus as Lord. It is only then that our ministry can be most effective, when the church is united in worship and therefore united in service.

As you prepare for church tomorrow, meditate on your sins, and take a moment to seriously consider the weight they held on your life before you were saved. Then take some time and join in the song’s chorus, and pray for revival to come! –  Timothy

‘Revive Us, Oh Lord,’ is the third track on Carman – The Absolute Best from 1993.




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