Tim says, ‘TURN IT UP!’ – ‘Thy Will’ from Hillary Scott & the Scott Family

Tim Says, “TURN IT UP!’  suggestions apply to this post from October 13th through November 3rd!

Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.’ Matthew 6:10 (ESV)

Like many other believers, I have a bit of hesitation when an artist who has made their living in secular markets crosses over to the sacred side of music. Hillary Scott is a well known name to Country Music fans as the lead singer for Lady Antebellum. However, her most recent project is with her family entitled, Love Remains, and it is a disc full of Christian Music. The seventh track from the album is probably something you’ve heard played on your local Christian station, and it sounds something like this:

One struggle of any believer is listening to God and then following after Him as He leads. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Billy Graham or a Billy Who?, listening to God’s direction is something that take a good bit of personal work for each person, and the directions we receive often will only make sense to us. What’s more, there are times when we have to listen to God telling us no about something, and we are expected to trust that what He is looking to do through our lives is better than the idea’s we’ve put together before really consulting with God. 

hillary-scott‘Thy Will,’  is a simple but powerful song about arriving at a point of obedience and trust, and accepting God’s plans. Hillary’s powerful, sincere voice brings the message trough in a way that is hard not to connect to. The song starts at a confession of confusion and heart ache, but the words arrive at the place of putting hope in God’s will regardless of what we feel now. I personally like the chorus’ repetition of the words ‘Thy Will Be Done,’ and the honest admission that we often have no choice but to arrive at these four words, and to repeat them as we await the goodness God will bring to our lives at another time.

When you turn this song up these next few weeks, I expect you will have the opportunity to talk about the song with those around you. I hope that the raw passion that comes through Hillary’s voice is something you are able to relate to and relate to others. This vulnerable yet confident frame of mind is a side of Christianity the world would do good to see more often from His people. Keep your ears open, and turn up this lovely song when you hear it. – Timothy

‘Thy Will’ is the seventh track on Love Remains, which was released this year by Hillary Scott & the Scott Family.

Sweet Sweet Song Rating: 5 Stars


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