Saturday Night Call To Worship: ‘Lord I Lift Your Name On High’ – Sung by Donnie McClurkin

‘The LORD is high above all nations, and his glory above the heavens!‘  Psalm 113:4 (ESV)

I’m sure you’ve sung this simple song of praise before. ‘Lord I Lift Your Name On High,’ is a rather simple proclamation of our desire for the name of our Lord to be lifted in our praises. The chorus is just a reminder of the journey our Savior took to bring us salvation and how Jesus returned to heaven worthy of the praise we are bringing. With an upbeat tempo, the song also has a natural way to generate a bit more excitement.

This song is probably one you’ve sung too many times to count, and it is for that reason I’m sharing it tonight. Sometimes, we lose our affection in worship because the words we use are not something new or catchy. Rev. Donnie McClurkin may have had similar feelings with this song at times, but instead, at least for this one recording,he chose to bring the song with power and genuine affection for the Lord.

Let’s be frank for a moment, and acknowledge that sometimes there are no new words we can say to praise our God. That doesn’t mean we need to be silent, although that can be a good thing too, but it simply means that maybe we just need to let the praise spill out from us in way we haven’t before. It could also be that a song you know stirs something up in a new way, and so with a new connection to the words, you are released to praise all the more.

There is nothing like a gospel styling to a song to convey passion and graditude, but however you praise, give God a genuine heart of love tomorrow. – Timothy

‘Lord I Lift Your Name On High,’ is the eleventh track on Donnie McClurklin’s album Live In London and More released in 2000.


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