‘The Well Digger’ – Geoff Moore

‘Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights…’ James 1:17 (ESV)

Geoff Moore was one of the first Christian Artists I was exposed to as a child, and when I started this version of my blog last fall, I went straight to catching up on what Geoff Moore was up to. ‘The Well Digger’ is from his latest project, The Next Thing.

Appreciation is the message of ‘The Well Digger,’ and I think that is a good reminder for Christians of our generation. American Christians live in a culture of entitlement, so it is natural that appreciation is seen less often. I’ve witness through my life as a parent, gratitude is something children must be taught. However, as ones living through endless grace and mercy, you and I should be the first to be able to demonstrate what appreciation is.

‘When you drink from the well, remember the well digger. When you eat from the bounty, remember the one who tills the field.’ Appreciation begins when we recognize where we would be without the help of another. When we celebrate Mother’s Day, the day is sort of worthless if we could not show appreciation for the decision our mothers made to become our home before we were born. Geoff Moore‘s song talks about how chorus would not be heard without each voice that joins the choir, or of how we can see the need for kindness when we realize our own needs.  The principle of appreciation can be extended to everything in life, but when you walk around thinking something is owed to you, it is hard to be grateful for it.

Christianity in a way hinges on a declaration of appreciation. We would be stuck with our penalty of sin without the death of Jesus. Jesus, the spotless lamb, took our sins so we could live. The moment of salvation comes when we appreciate his sinless life is undeserved and powerful enough to override the debt we accrue through sin. Salvation is the decision to daily ‘Remember who it all comes from.’

You may not have heard of Geoff Moore before today, but his music is great and very reflective. Go ahead and enjoy today’s song, but I bet you would enjoy his thoughts in other songs as well. -Timothy.

‘The Well Digger,’ is the lead track on The Next Thing from Geoff Moore.

Sweet Sweet Song Rating: 3 stars


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