Awesome Song: ‘Jealous’ from the J.J. Weeks Band

Awesome Song According to Sweet Sweet Sounds: Worthy of chart consideration, a song that makes you stop and listen, but does not compel an instant repeat. These songs deserve Radio Play in my opinion.

Making a distinction between a great song and an awesome song is not easy. An awesome song is one that would get you to stop and listen if you were walking around the office. You’ll probably recognize a great song when you walk by, but it won’t always make you stop. The thin line between great and awesome will most likely vary between listeners, and it should since we all have different tastes. So to me, Jealous from the J.J. Weeks Band is an Awesome Song.

‘Jealous,’ is another tune with outreach in mind, so you know that will resonate well with me. The lyrics present a believer who notices the world is not aware of God’s blessings for each day. In contrast, the believer is not only aware of God’s goodness, but desires that the world would come to that same knowledge. Through the presence of the Holy Spirit, you and I can have the same holy jealousy for God’s ways that He does. We can ‘live for for His glory with all our hearts.’

jj-weeks-bandAs you may have read before, I appreciate songs that proclaim a desire for the lost to be saved. I enjoy songs about how to live well in Christ, but you and I still have a mission to complete, and I like the songs that remind me of this purpose. Put that message in a quick, upbeat tune, and it makes for one easy to listen to track. ‘Jealous,’ grabs my attention every time I hear it, so I would call it an Awesome Song.

JJ Weeks is still relatively new to the major Christian Music scene, but I would say this is one of their better songs. I would also say it should have a fair place among the Christian music charts following in the foot steps of ‘Let Them See You.’ Disagree? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Talk with you soon! – Timothy

‘Jealous’ is the second track on As Long as We Can Breath from the JJ Weeks Band that was released this year.



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