Saturday Night Call To Worship: ‘Name’ from Crystal Lewis

Sing praises to the Lord, O you His saints, and give thanks to His holy name.’ Psalm 30:4 (ESV)

During your morning coffee run to Starbucks, a polite new barista named Bailey hands you your drink. Over the next few months, you get to know Bailey, as she normally works when you hit the drive thru. Some mornings you try to be polite and as you are pulling away you say something like, ‘Thanks for my drink, Brenda.’ Even worse, you call her Brenda on numerous occasions. Bailey would probably think twice about the relationship you and her had built over the months, and she may even harbor some hard feelings because her name is not important enough for you to remember.

Worship would be pointless if it was not directed at the right god. If I was to worship Jupiter every Sunday morning I went to church, it would be rather logical for Christians to wonder what my problem was. It wouldn’t matter if I was in the right place, and acknowledging some very important spiritual truths about God’s role in creation and salvation if the whole time I am in the church experience I am giving this credit to someone else. 

crystal-lewisThe truth is, if we are really building a relationship with someone, their name is a rather important detail. ‘Name’ from Crystal Lewis is a simple song that brings this idea home. While Crystal sings about several different distinctions throughout the song, the refrain references the fact that ‘every knew will bow, and every tongue confess,‘ that the name Jesus is the name worthy of worship.

As Christians, we get the joy of already knowing what name we love and why. I also believe it is appropriate for you and I to take some time every now and again and follow Crystal’s lead, and just worship the name of Jesus directly. Before you head to church in the morning, spend some time tonight focusing on our wonderful savior, Jesus. – Timothy



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