October New Music: ‘Your Mercy’ from Paul Baloche

paul-baloche‘Your Mercy’ from Paul Baloche

Released: October 7th 2016 / Total Tracks: 12 / My Favorite Song: Once For All / Already on the Radio:  N/A My Radio Picks: Once For All, Your Mercy, God Evermore  / Sweet Sweet Sounds Album Rating:  3.7 out of 5 Stars

While there has been plenty of great music to debut this month, I decided I would review the latest release from Paul Baloche, Your Mercy. I have not been Paul Baloche fan for a while, but once I returned to writing this blog as a music blog, and I began to see his hand throughout modern praise and worship, I became much more intrigued. So, I decided to branch out and I made owning this latest project a priority. I was not disappointed. Your Mercy is a solid 3.7+ album, which means it’s approaching what I consider great. I also think it really hits home as a modern worship album. I would go as far as to say it is better than Empires from Hillsong, which just won the 2016 Dove award for best worship album. (My readers will recall I was not impressed with Empires at all.) Below are my choices for my favorite songs from Your Mercy.

Timothy’s Top 5 Picks

Timothy’s Favorite: Once For All(5 Stars) – The style of once for all was very inviting and worshipful, and I think that can be said for a lot of the songs on this project, but I think this song has a bit on the rest.  ‘Once For All’ is a praise song rejoicing in the finality of Jesus sacrifice to save those who are willing once and for all. I’m sure this song will be one you hear in your churches for some time to come. Give it a listen for yourself! (Track 2)

#2. Your Mercy (4 Stars) – This song slots in as the title track of the album. This song obviously is a praise for God’s Mercy in our lives. God’s mercy is a great topic for worship, as without it we would not have hope for this life nor we would have a plan for the life to come.  This song has a beautifully simple bridge that also calls for God’s kindness to be the fuel for repentance. (Track 5)

#3. Peace on Earth (4 Stars) – I enjoy a good duet, and this song see Paul joining with Madison Cunningham, an independent artist. This song is a modern hymn, looking at some of the struggles of the world, and Jesus’ ability to unite and heal the world. The chorus is simply a refrain praying for Peace. (Track 12)

#4. More Than I Deserve (4 Stars) – The second to last track is a reflective tune that shares how God’s grace has the ability to change our lives. However, in light of what it took for Jesus to redeem us, ‘the price you paid, more than I deserve.’ This worship song is a fresh spin on the idea that Jesus was very gracious to save you and me from our sins. (Track 11)

#5. God Evermore (4 Stars) – This song may be familiar to you, as the song has also been performed by Aaron Shust, and was featured as a Saturday Night Call to Worship last month. Baloche’s styling of this song is different, with an acoustic guitar leading, and a slightly faster pace. If I had to pick, I would prefer Shust’s version, but the song is still great. Listen to both and let me know in the comments which you like more? (Track 8)

If you enjoy praise and worship music, Your Mercy, from Paul Baloche is worth adding to your CD Vault. You can pass up the album now, but be prepared to hear these songs again at a church near you. Thanks for reading! – Timothy



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