Artist on the Horizon: Alex Nicolette

Living outside of NYC has its perks, and one of those has to be finding up and coming Christian artists like Alex Nicolette.

Alex Nicolette 3I have to admit, I’m still recovering from my time as a CCM sell out who could not embrace a sound that was too different from Casting Crowns and Third Day. However, one year into my life as a music blogger, I’ve found that my mind has really opened to sounds from all angles. This artist has a folk/alternative/pop mixture that comes with a different set of strengths. So, with joy, allow me to introduce to you Alex Nicolette and her album, Found In You!

If you have been reading my blog for a bit, you may have thought this song was being sung by Hollyn. Alex Nicolette has a very similar voice, and I want to use this as a chance to illustrate that there are a number of great voices who are one break shy of being household names. If Christian Music Artists needed voice doubles, Alex could fill in for Hollyn any night.

The above selection, Galilee has the kind of slower, reflective sound that many of us really crave in Christian music, and the question of redemption is one many of us have had before. I personally think that Alex’s songs have a good bit of personality and  depth to them, proving her talent as writer as well as a musician. There is something refreshing about an artist who is able to create fresh concepts in her lyrics.

Moving forward,  Alex has the ability to build a name for herself. The major barrier I foresee is going to be keeping her unique style while connecting with more of an audience. Initially, I found some of her songs as a bit too dark in sound, but I’m going to chalk that up to my still adjusting ears. I can only hope more listeners develop a desire to hear the full breadth of Christian Artists available to them.

ellie-holcomb-doveWhat Alex has working in her favor is that she has some forerunners in the business that may help in blazing a trail her sound can walk.  Christian Folk artists have not tpically received a fair shake among the soft rockers that make up the core of the Christian Music industry. Ellie Holcomb, however, is a great example of a Christian Folk artist who is obviously very talented, and in 2014 that folk sound was welcomed as Ellie won the Dove award for New Artist of the Year. The other trail blazer is the 2015 winner of the Dove New Artist Award, Lauren Daigle. Her sound could also be described as deep and reflective and that sound has resulted in three consecutive singles that have reached the top three slots on Billboards Hot Christian songs chart.

There are other songs I could share with you to make my point, but as you can guess, I’d rather you go and look  up the work of this talented woman, and support her through a song or CD purchase. Here are the links to her facebook page and her Itunes store where you can buy her latest album, Found in You. You can also find her work on Spotify and Bandcamp.  I hope you will decide to support her work and join me in expanding your musical horizons. – Timothy


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